Education starts from home…

Shu Shu-our rescued kitten, he is with us for about 3 months. He is a very independent, active, smart and cute little being. He is an excellent kitten if he is the only cat at home. He loves to quarrel and chase our elder cats at home. We talk to him daily that he must be gratitude to all elder cats for allowing him to stay in our home, sharing their food, shelter and family’s love to him.

Hello! I am Shu, the fighter kitten!

Our new method, hopefully this can work. Whenever, he is quarrel with elder cat, we will confine him in cage for a while and let him know his action is wrong.

We believe all living beings will change their thinking. As such, please educate our children since young. Teach and guide them to be a better person who can bring happiness and positive vibes to our world. Don’t let their habit become their DNA, it’ll take time to transform. Guide them when they are young, talk to them, “cause and effect” and most important “lead by example”.

Children love to mimicking their parent. Let them to learn from your kind words, good action and beautiful thoughts.

2 responses to “Education starts from home…

  1. Your Shu looks so very much like my Joey! Same color, same markings, same eye color! Joey is also a fighter – she found us almost three years ago now and I don’t know what I’d do without her. We have several other rescued kitties also. I wish I could share a photo so you could see her and how alike they are! Truly amazing – on the other side of the world! (USA)

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