Both of our lovely cats, An An boy and Meow Meow were passed away in a gap of 59 days. We’ve lost An An boy for more than 100 days and Meow Meow boy is coming to 49 days soon.

We are gratitude for both of them. Their sudden death made us to be more diligent in spiritual practice. We chant daily since they passed away and we would like to transfer merit to them. Our best blessings to them and also to all living beings. This is one of the best way to remember them.

By doing this, we gain the most benefit. We are in peace when we are doing chanting. It’s just like in meditation. Listen to our voice out from mouth and be with the chant. No other thought!!!

Besides, we are also donate vegetarian bento to help needy in remembrance of Meow. Keep shining loving kindness.

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