Be persistent and be diligent…

We took about 10 years to change the texture of the yellow clay soil to black soil. We bought many package of organic soil and constantly buried kitchen compost to fertilize the soil again. Let the soil and microorganism to be alive again.

More than 10 years ago… dry and yellow clay soil..

When we are taking care the soil, we are taking care of our health. Plants need good nutrients to grow well and strong. We are eating good quality of organic veggies which can provide balance nutrient to our body and mind needs. It definitely helps to boast up our immune system.

Besides, our lovely organic garden also provide a good shelter and food to dragonfly, butterfly, squirrels, birds, frog, bees, ladybird and other living species. We’ll only use natural repellent like sun dried used coffee powder to deter ants, collected eggshells from neighbor (We don’t take eggs), sun dried and smashed it to deter snails and others method. So simple and no chemical is being used.

We are living Harmony and doing our best to practice no killing.

From the abandon clay soil and now fully alive with green plants and also lot of living beings are here. We can hear happy tunes from birds in the morning and evening. Besides, full orchestra from frogs and others during raining day.

Transformations- after 10 years of hard work…

This is a great example on persistent doing the right things. There is no short cut but diligent in whatever we are doing. Please apply this to our spiritual practice.

Be persistent and be diligent.

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