Always be gratitude…

I met with a severe accident during second semester of my first year in university. I gotten my motorcycle license and hit to a lorry.

I am gratitude that many people were offering help to bring me to nearby clinic to stop bleeding. I had a big open wound underneath my lip and a few of my tooth were falling out plus fractured at knee cap.

I had an operation to put a nail to connect my knee cap and the next year, I done for another operation to remove it.

I took more than 2 months for recovery.

Until today, I am gratitude for those people who were helping me to get through the challenging time in life.

-My family who took care of me for speedy recovery. Especially, my mum.

-Acceptance from dean of faculty that I can continue my semester even I’ve absent for half of the classes.

-Course mates who shared their notes. So I can study from home.

-Course mates who drove me to attend classes.

-Course mate who offered great support in my daily university life.

I am blessed that I met with this accident and given a chance to survive.

Always be gratitude. 🙏🏻

Accept impermanence with open heart, nothing we can control.

Always be gratitude and offer help to others with unconditional love.

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