enjoy to live longer…

Most animals die because of we eat them.

Most human die because of we get sick from eating animals.

Gene Baur

So profound!!!

Simple fact. Can you see the relation?

How easy to sustain good health if we are able to stop eating animals?

Think about it, if we can transform to plant-based diet, we can avoid many types of disease, we can live longer and also reduce suffering from sickness. We are not only helping ourselves to enjoy good health and longer life but also saving animal’s lives. Moreover, this transformation will give good impact to environment.

Sound Simple, right?

Simple organic vegan food… ❤️

Take a try in plant-based food!

2 responses to “enjoy to live longer…

  1. It’s difficult to promote a Buddhist lifestyle whilst still eating animals. The best approach is to respect all life.

    ‘He who sees the self in all beings and all beings in the self itself feels no hatred by virtue of that realisation.” Adi Shankara

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