Stay at home…

People are suffering as they need to stay home during lock down. Some are struggling at home as they use to go out for social gathering, shopping, vacation and others. They can’t adapt to new norm as this might cause depression in life.

You are what you think. The mind is everything.

Treat this as golden opportunity for home retreat. Enjoy the Solitude.

It’s great to take time off to contemplate the purpose of life. What are we chasing? What do we want in life? Where are we heading?

I am use to stay at home and blessed to work from home.

The most beautiful moment to take a break from social gathering and to be shut down from others. I take this period of time for spiritual practicing besides working.

It’s so important to be with yourself, to understand yourself, repentance and moving forward.

You are what you think.

Throughout daily practice, you can experience more peace, more freedom, more happiness in your life even you live a simple life and stay at home.

One response to “Stay at home…

  1. Being comfortable when in solitude is so important. I really feel for people who feel lonely. It can’t be nice.

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