The sun is alone, but it still shines…

“The sun is alone too, but it still shines.”

When you are doing right things, even you are walking the path alone, please be persist to walk the path.

You don’t need to get approval from others to “Approve” or “Acknowledge” on your right actions.

From my personal experience, I am the minority among friends to walk the spiritual path and transformed diet to vegan (No pungent). Well! I know I am heading to the right path, even though I don’t have many friends who are heading the same path. This will not affect my determination.

I am diligent in my practice and continuously to shine loving kindness to all living beings in daily life. Transforming to vegan diet, to walk the talk, no harm to animal friends, save planet by reducing Carbon footprint, save trees and others and cultivate “loving kindness” to see no different in any living beings.

I vowed to be the voice of voiceless. To help them to relieve from suffering. To let people understand, animals are not things, they are “Life” too.

Moreover, Our family is supporting strongly on “Organic food” to ensure there is a clean land (Free from all pollution) to leave behind for next generation.

Do walk your path with confident even you are alone. Nothing to worry when you are in the right path.

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