Painful experience…

Will you stop helping another stray animals when your adopted/rescued dog/cat passed away?

I heard some people might stop adopt another animal friends once their dog/cat passed away. Apparently, there is too much pain and they don’t want to repeat the same “pain”.

We usually remember “painful” or “suffering” moment more than “happiness” moment. We forgot that how much happy and joyful moment we spend together. Most important, our action of helping stray animals can immediately eliminate their suffering, giving them a home with food, shelter and lot of love.

We just need to remind ourselves that birth will come with aging, sick and death. This is unavoidable. Accept it with open heart when we are facing this moment, never abandon your animal friends, be with them to walk the last journey of life.

We choose continuously to shine loving kindness, kitten is growing up…

Please do our best to keep offer helping hand to ease animal’s suffering and not being stop by fear of “pain experience” when they passed away.

Do the right thing at right time.

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