The last breath….

You need to prepare yourself mentally and physically when you are accompany your loved one to walk the last journey of life.

The dying process is much depend on individual and how long this will take.

Both of our cats have passed away in just 2 months 2 days.

The late An an boy
The late Meow

We’ve accompanied them in the last journey of life.

Do expect for screaming of pain, losing of body weight, drop of body temperature, super weak, changes on their appearance and others.

Yes, we are empathy on their suffering, the best we can do is continue to shine loving kindness, say thank you, gratitude, love you and sorry for wrongdoing, reemphasized to them on good merits they’ve done, encourage them to let go the sick body and reborn in Pure Land (Subject to your religion). It’s really great if we can donate to help needy and transfer good merits to them.

One of the important note, please do not scream and shout when they are heading to the last breath. Our strong emotions will make them not willing to let go their body and continue to live for a short while. We must be at peace, calm and give our best blessings, then they are leaving this world peacefully with a smile.

2 responses to “The last breath….

    • We are gratitude for our little teachers to use their life to awaken us to understand impermanence and be diligent in spiritual practice . 🙏🏻

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