Have you ever experience meditation practice?

It’s truly a great nutrient to our mind.

A glass of watermelon juice, after you put for a while, you see 2 layer of color, top: clear color, bottom: watermelon red color.

Imagine, your mind like the watermelon juice. Too much thoughts in your mind and you might not be at now all the time. Let’s yourself to settle down in meditation, allow your mind to aware all thoughts arisen and cessation. Your mind is transforming from cloudy to more and more clear.

Make it a practice and apply it to our daily life. We are aware what we are doing. Our body and mind are together!!!

I know I am eating…

When you are cooking, you know you are cooking.

When you are talking, you know you are talking.

When you are working, you know you are working.

When you are eating, you know you are eating.

When you are walking, you know you are walking.


Do take a try!

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