Keep giving…

We are facing challenging time here. Cases are jumping up, almost collapse medical system (Too many Covid-19 Patients), High death rate, many people are waiting for help from others (no income as lock down) and others.

Recently, My neighbor bought a few boxes of expensive durian and treat a box to us. She advised them that not to indulge ourselves with pricey food as we can use this budget to help needy. Lot of people are waiting for a box of rice to fill their hunger. Let’s do our best to give and to ease suffering.

I am gratitude to have such a kind-hearted mother. We totally agreed that we should give and help everyone to go through this challenging time instead of only indulge our senses or only focusing on I, Me and Mine. Let’s think about “us”

How can we help to reduce suffering? How can we help to motivate each others?

Start from ourselves!!!

Keep giving… be empathy! 🙏🏻

Keep giving either material or motivational words to lift up others in this critical time.

Do it with a sincere and gratitude heart without expecting any return.

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