We are Love…

Our family is offer helping hand to stray cats in our community.

My mum is not a cat lover, however she join us in the rescue task.

Recently, a tiny kitten came to seek help and refuse to go no matter how our elder cats try to chase him away.

My mum first thought was the kitten might lost of his way home.

However, no one seems like looking for him and mum said not to feed him initially as we can’t take in another cat. (Fussy cat hater neighbor)

The kitten was kept meowing when my mum was eating spaghetti noodle.

It touched and melted my mum’s heart. She was the first one who fed the kitten with spaghetti. She was shining her loving kindness to the small being and imagine she was the tiny kitten.

The kitten is growing up and he is always with my mum. gratitude for her help.

Yes, our nature is LOVE and our purpose of life is to help others, relieve their suffering.

We can do this together to help voiceless beings.

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