Are you easily being disturbed by small matter?

Are you losing your clear thinking mind?

Instead of thinking from the macro perspective, we zoom in to micro and only focus benefits of I, Me and mine.

My cat hater neighbor is implementing new strategy to ensure no stray cats will pass though their house and also outside their house. They put lot of chili powder inside their compound, thorns from plant and spray horrible and toxins chemical at their garden in order to prevent any cats from entering their house.

Besides, they are also stay awake at night and also wake up so early to check and monitor to ensure NO CATs in their car porch. They even park their car outside, so they can see stray cat from their window easily.

Their thoughts are all about “stray cat”, perhaps they treat them like “Enemy”. They just want to get rid of them.

“Why are people losing their loving kindness?

“Why are people not seeing no different in all living beings?”

“Why can’t we share and live harmony with all living beings?”

“Why are we close our heart for compassion?”

“Why are we causing so much suffering to ourselves by only focusing on small matter?”

“Why are we only focusing on Self Interest and totally forgetting about us?

See no different in all living beings

Don’t lose your compassion to all living beings. Give all living beings a chance to LIVE.

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