Every life has equal value…

Are you differentiate life?

Are you only assume that human and your pets are “Life”?

Are you only shining loving kindness to those beings you love?

I heard a true story from my friend.

“A man is truly love his dog, he is constantly telling people to love dogs and condemn people for torture or abandon dogs.

However, he is sharing happily in social media on how he trapped rats and drowned them to death.”

A big challenge here. We don’t see all animals are living beings. We don’t treat others as “life” except to those animals that we love the most. Here, we are putting barrier and differentiation in our mind on loving kindness. Love those we Love and act cruelty to those life that we don’t love.


All life is equally precious. No one is more superior than others. See no different!!!

If you are assume that Human being is more superior, then please use your superiority to love and to protect. Don’t harm or hurt.

All life is precious and equally important. ❤️

Our ultimate purpose in life, is to help others (inclusive of all living beings and not limited to human being)

Live harmony with all living beings!

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