Take care of children’s mental health

We are living through the pandemic for more than 500 days. We need to adopt to the new norm, stay at home, wear mask, social distancing and sanitizing.

Take good care of yourself and your children.

Children are confined at home to protect them from virus infection. They need to adapt to stay at home, attend online classes, no exercise and no playmates. Besides, they are not allow to vacation, dine out and other activities. Imagine, how much impact towards children development?

I heard a story from my friend that her kid is having “depression” and losing passion in life as a result of pandemic. His character change from happy to aggression and closed up. Parent need to spend time to accompany their kids to adapt to current norm. Encourage kids to do exercise.

Besides, a 6 years old is keep asking his mum daily, whether his mum is going to pass away? Being frightened by the pandemic as too many kids are losing their parent and family members.

Please take care of your children, mentality and physically.

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