This was a challenging week.

How to resist to offer help? Put your palm on your heart. You know the answer!

We had to deal with our fussy cat hatred neighbor.

They discovered cat’s poo in their car porch for a few days and make a big drama on it. They broadcast this to our community too.

Whenever, there is cat poo at their car porch, they’ll ask my mum to scoop it. We are tolerate and doing this as we’ve adopted stray cats but this can’t confirm was the action from them.

No matter what action we take, it’ll never satisfy cat haters until all cats are gone form their sight.

Action taken, we’ve quarantined 2 stray cats at our car porch and kept them indoor at night.

The next morning, they discovered cat’s poo again and described the cat’s detail and also the hour of this “Action”. Obviously this was nothing to do with our cats.

and this morning, there is no cat’s poo at their car porch and they make a funny remark: “All strays come to your house to look for friends. Since you quarantined your cat at night, no cat poo as no friends came.” Another accused to our family for helping stray animals. In fact, cat is a territory animal, hard to look for friend.

I am gratitude to cat hater neighbor, many great lesson for us to learn and definitely no follow their steps.

They are living in their world, always right and shut down their mind to listen or see from our angle. Most important, they see no cat and refuse to understand the root problem of stray cat. Don’t talk about to offer help!!!

I am always remind myself, be kind to all beings even though others not doing the same.

It’s irrelevant to us. Have Faith and continue to do right things!!!

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