Keep walking no matter how challenging…

For almost 9 years, we are continuing to offer help to stray cats around our community.

How to say NO… just like a little baby asking for help… 🙏🏻

We are helping stray cats whenever they knock our door or wounded or sick or super hungry. We can’t say no, we see them as beings just same like us.

We’ll heal them and bring them to Vet for neuter or spay. The best action to control stray population in community and avoid repeat suffering from other cats.

We are putting our time, effort and money to do this kind act willingly. Our intention is simple, to reduce suffering of all beings. Feed them, love them and Let’s them live in a secure environment.

Every morning, my sis will walk around the neighborhood to check whether there is any cat poo and clean it up to avoid any complain from neighbors.

However, to walk this path is full of challenges as we are the minority to offer help to stray cats.

We need to face voices from majority who dislikes cats and zero tolerate to any poo or cat vomit in their compound. They are making a big fuss and a big drama. They requested us not to help or to feed even though the stray cats/ kitten are in extreme hunger. Let the stray cat go else where but not at their sight.

I am compassion for this short sighted thought for not seeing all beings are the same. Always hope for awakening to this group of people. It’s so blessed that we can offer help and shine unconditional love to all beings.

Even though, the path is full of challenges and always being misunderstood but we’ve FAITH and we’ll continue to walk as we know we are doing the right things. Be the Voice to the VOICELESS.

We are so blessed to be a human in this life, let’s do good deed, offer help to relieve suffering and give happiness to all beings.

May all beings be well and happy!

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