Life is precious…

This little kitten came to our house to seek for help after An An by passed away.

We are grateful that he comes to our life…Inspiring!

We are unsure where he is from but he refused to leave our house even though initially our elder cats tried to chase him away.

He is about half a year old, very independent.

His life might be very challenging before he came to our house. He needed to compete with other cats for food, so that he can survive. From his behavior, we guessed he survived through eating left over food, that’s why he love rice and noodle very much as compare to cat food. Now, he is improving after staying with us about 2 weeks.

He is showing us “The passion to survive” and also “adaptability”. A very good lesson for us to learn especially we are living in pandemic. Read from news that a lot of people are trying to commit suicide as life is challenging.

Hopefully, the story of this little kitten can inspire others to live well. Yes, we might not enjoy so much of material wealth as compared in the past. Let’s think a way to transform our life instead of ending it. Life is so precious and full of possibilities. Do seek help like the little kitten, and always kind people are around to offer help.

7 responses to “Life is precious…

  1. Life is precious. How we live it, the honesty, integrity, and never trading for real principles, being good examples to the next generation. It’s not how long, but how we live our lives.

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