Touching act…

We lost An An boy at 9 June. Another kitten (not sure from where) came to our house at 13 June to seek for help- food, water, shelter and always LOVE. He behaved like he know our family members and especially close to my mum. No matter how we are trying(of course no harm), he refused to leave our house. Initially, our cats also trying to chase him away but they failed.

Say Yes to help!!!

Meow Meow, one of our rescued cat during last year pandemic, he acted like father, brother and teacher to this stray kitten. He asked us to feed him at car pouch but his intention to allow the kitten to eat. He’ll only eat the kitten left over food. We are touched with his “loving kindness”.

Meow Meow is trained by our eldest cat, Hitam Boy. They are keep shining loving kindness and sharing to others. The beautiful lesson we can learned from them.

It’s so contradictory that some of us, Human, we are not willing to offer helping hand and the worst, we are abusing the stray animals. Using water to splash them, intentionally to make big noise to frighten, injured and tortured, be a keyboard warrior to spread “Hatred” towards stray animals, always looking for opportunities to dramatize cat’s vomit, stool, urine as the subject to make crisis and threatening to trap this miserable beings to Killed Shelter.

This group of people are not offering helping hand and look for solutions, making propaganda to promote “Hatred” and STOP others to help and rescue stray animals. They accused that if we start feeding, there will be more stray animals in community. They just want to ensure they don’t see any stray animals in their compound.

Think about it, should we just see the tiny kitten died from hunger?

What is human nature?

Loving kindness, non-judgmental, compassion…

Do you think all this good nature only apply to HUMAN BEINGS and totally forget about other living beings and sharing this beautiful earth.

You can control the stray populations by doing neutered or spay. Whenever we save a stray cat, we’ll definitely to neuter or spay them.

This is important!!!

4 responses to “Touching act…

  1. I recently adopted a baby kitty abandoned in a box near the woods and named him yeti. he is the sweetest thing, full of energy and love and my other rescue, olive, and yeti bonded within a day.

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