Are you fearful?

Many people are so worry to adopt another cat or dog when their pets were passed away.

They are so fearful to go through the pet dying process again. It’s hard for them to accept and take long time for recovery. As such, they are not allowing themselves to through the same process. Thinking this is the best way to protect themselves from “Suffering”.

Are you going to stop there and not offering help to stray animals?

In theory, everyone know “Birth, old age, sickness and death.” We are truly happy and rejoice when we see new born baby. However, it’s challenging for us to accept old age, sick and death. This is a natural cycle and also our package as human. It’s going to happen whether you are going to accept or not.

Accept this fact, be diligent in spiritual practicing and moving forward.

Tiny kitten came to our house to seek help after An An boy passed away.

Please open your heart to accept another animal friends in your life. Think about, the best time that you are celebrated with them and good lessons you learn about death.

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