Facing death…..

How do you react when you are facing sudden lost in life?

Impermanence is so easy to say but it’s challenging when come to practice.

Are you able to accept it?

Are you able to moving forward?

Last photo of An An boy before he passed away peacefully in the morning. 🙏🏻

We had lost our lovely cat, An An boy. We rescued, adopted and celebrated life together with him for more than 4 years.

No one predicted he died so young.

We learned great lessons from his sudden death.

We must be practice diligently in spiritual. Always ready to face death and “Impermanence”.

You know where you are in your spiritual practice when you are facing “impermanence”.

Can you let go easily? Can you give your permission to your loved one to die?

As a Buddhist practitioner, We are seeing dying as “Rebirth”. Instead of focusing on sadness, non-stop crying and shouting, We can’t bring the dead person to live again. We are only giving pressure to the consciousness for leaving this world. If we are able to manage ourselves in peace and calm, the dead person can also be in peace to leave his world.

Let’s give our best blessings and accumulative good merits for dead person . Hope they can rebirth in Pure Land.

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