Farewell to An An Boy…

Our lovely cat, An An boy was losing his appetite 2 weeks ago. We brought him to visit Vet and had blood test. The test result shown abnormal reading for kidney and pancreases. We took medicine and brought him home. First few days, he shown sign of recovery and willing to take food.

Good bye to all dearest An An boyπŸ™πŸ» Thank you for celebrated 4 beautiful years together. ❀️

Situation was getting worst during last Monday. He started refuse to eat again. We brought him to Vet and got drip. The Vet informed us to force feed.

An An boy looked very weak and we felt like he was going to die.

That evening, my mum was fed him with treat and cleaned him up. We played the non-stop chanting music. We told him, if he is too suffering, he can choose to say good bye, no need to worry about us and other cat family.

He died peacefully next morning. Our family was supporting him till his last breath.

It was a great relieve for An An boy. The best gift we can offer, donation to help needy people and animals, dana to monastery and also continuously chanting. Transferred all good merits to An An boy. May him rebirth in Pureland.

Thank you to An An boy!!! We had celebrated 4 beautiful years together.

8 responses to “Farewell to An An Boy…

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss of an an. What a lovely gift of 4 years together and loving permission to go when needed

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