Be mindful on “cause”…

I just harvested home grown organic carrots, truly cute and fresh.

Home grown Organic carrots.

It give a good lesson, We need to sow good seeds for us to harvest later. We need to be diligent to take care the plant, watering and compost. Besides, we might sow 100 seeds but only 10 seeds can grow to healthy plant. This is depend on Right conditions.

The process is the same same as cause and effect. When we sow a seed (cause), without the carrot seed, it can’ grow carrot. When we harvest carrot (Effect) after the right conditions (Watering, sun, compost, good soil, air and others).

Be mindful on the cause and not fearful on the effect.

If we sow good seeds like good speech, good action, good thoughts, good intentions and others, no need to worry about the “effect”. Keep doing good deeds.

Be kind always!

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