Cause and effect…

Do you believe in cause and effect?

You are responsible for what you are doing, no one can escape from cause and effect.

It will follow you like your shadow.

Simple example,

If you are sowing watermelon seed, you are going to harvest watermelon and not carrot.

If you are going to sit for exam and you never spend time to study, what’ll happen? Fail in exam.

If you are drink and drive, what’ll happen? Accident.

Sometimes, you might not experience the effect immediately but it doesn’t mean it’ll never happen.

Sow seed of long bean, will harvest long bean. You can’t get watermelon. Be mindful on your actions.

Another example, if you don’t take care of your health, over eating, overdose with alcohol and smoking, you might not fall sick immediately. But definitely, your body will collapse in a day.

Be mindful on your action.

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