Saving a life…

We noticed a tiny stray ginger cat in our neighborhood. We can’t feed him openly as some of our neighbors are cat (animals) hater.

My sister is feeding him together with our eldest cat, Hitam boy. The ginger cat is waiting for her daily underneath a car. My sister just drop the dry food and he’ll finish eating. It’s become a routine for more than a few months.

For the past week, My sister noticed severe eyes infection for the ginger boy and he didn’t turned up for a few nights. We thought he was passed away.

So glad that he appeared again. We need to trap him at night and bring him to see Vet.

We kept brainstorming on the best alternative to trap him.

We put food in the carrier and waited for some time. Plan was not working well.

We are blessed that “Hitam” boy was helping us to convince the ginger to walk into the carrier if he would like to live.

The ginger cat was in the carrier without any forcing. Grateful to Hitam boy’s help.

We bought the tiny ginger to visit Vet. Initially, we were thinking about “boarding” until he is fully recovered. However, the clinic closed during Hari Raya holidays.

We see life… always ready to offer help. 🙏🏻

We brought him home and take care.

Be kind always and see no different in any living beings.

All lives are precious.

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