New habit…

A new habit can be form in 21 days if you continue to practice.

An An boy.. he is full recover now. 🙏🏻

Our lovely cat, An An boy was injured, we let him to wear “collar” to ensure he can’t lick his wound. So, he can recover fast. Every time, when he need to drink water, we’ll remove “collar” as it easy to get wet. He learned the “trick”, he loves to drink water, so no need to wear the collar. Clever boy!!!

This last for 3 weeks plus… and he is recovered now. He is Free from wearing “collar”. However, he loves to drink water frequently and this is his new habit.

As such, don’t give excuses that you can’t “Change” or “transform” in life. A little cat also build a new habit after 3 weeks plus.

We can change and it subject to whether are we willing to do it.

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