When we see someone is doing good deed, Let’s be rejoiced for this good action. If we can support either physically or financially, it’ll be excellent. If not, please don’t stop people to continue to do good deeds by condemning, doubtful on intention, talk badly and other negative action.

So blessed to shine loving kindness🙏🏻

Recently, we’ve participated and donated vegetarian lunch bento set to needy people. So grateful to all volunteers to spend their time to buy, to prepare, to cook and to distribute the lunch bento to needy people. Without good-hearted volunteers, we can’t achieve the action of giving. We should also be gratitude to people who need this bento, they are giving an opportunity to us, to serve unconditionally, to learn letting go.

Don’t ever expect any return from shinning loving-kindness. Be gratitude that you’ve gotten a chance to give. The more you are willing to give, the more you can let go your “Greed”, “Me”, “Mine”, “I” and you start to erase the invisible barrier of “differentiation. You are seeing yourself in all living beings.

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