Happy playground…

I love to plant various plants and flowers in our little organic garden. One of important reason is to allow all living beings like butterfly, bees, frog, toad, dragonfly, ladybirds, worm,ants, squirrels, spiders, birds, grasshoppers, lot of insects, microorganism live in our soil to have a safety place to stay and get their food. They are the “Original” residents in this piece of land.

Happy playground!!! 😛

Our little organic garden become their happy playground, there is no pesticides, no chemical substances, the most we are using sun dried used coffee powder, smashed sun dried egg shells (from neighbors) to avoid snails to eat veggies, clove powder, chili water and others to prevent pest insects over populations.

We feed this small piece of land with “kitchen waste”, “Fermented fruit juice”, “Coffee water from used coffee powder…. Let this land be revived, alive and full of “energies” to feed the plants and all living beings.

You can see the harmony cycle. This is the organic way of gardening. Yes, you might not harvest “good looking”, “same form in term of size” veggies but the content is great-Full of nutrients, love and give best energies to nourish your mind and body.

Let’s spend time to build this happy playground at home.

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