the best version of yourself…

When you see someone is using the latest edition of smartphone, are you intend to get One even your phone is in good condition?

When you see someone is wearing latest fashion, are you keen to buy even though you are having a full closet?

When you see someone is driving a new car, are you plan to change your car even your car is in perfect condition?

Imagine if you are keep competing with others for material wealth, fame, power, recognition, you are going to lose the most precious gift in life…. PEACEFULNESS.


“Don’t be jealous with anyone.

Don’t compete with anyone.

Just focus on becoming the best version of yourself.”

2 responses to “the best version of yourself…

  1. It’s interesting you say this Jiun. I love it and would point you to the four Hindu life practices that should be followed by hindus. Dharma – spiritual practice, Kama (I’m not sure of the sanskrit) devotion to a family life, sanga – contributing to community and finally urtha – accumulation of wealth. When I first heard the last one I was surprised because a lot of our scriptures talk about renunciation. As a practising Buddhist do you see any value in the accumulation of wealth? I’m not sure money is all bad and gives a person options. But also, money should be utilised for the purpose of good and not just for your own material needs

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