Everything is possible…

How do you spend your weekend?

It’s great to learn up traditional cooking from our parent or grand parent.

Don’t let the traditional food or cooking style disappeared. We can always modify and change the meat-based ingredients to vegan. Cooking is fun and full of possibilities.

Last week, I learned something “New”, a traditional food that my mum ate during her childhood. So blessed that she can remember how to cook after 70 years. Her first time to cook this dish. Bravo to my mum.

So yummy! Grateful to ancestor. Any dish also can cook in vegan’s style. Nothing is impossible!!!

Using organic brown rice flour mixed with water, take the barter with a spoon and put along the wok, let it dry up and drop into the water, take it up once it floating. We need to have patience in doing this process. I asked my mum, “why not using plain flour, it’s easier? Her answered: ” Times was really bad and her family was so poor. They can only grind their rice to become flour and cook this dish.”

Eat best together with Organic vegan soup with Kumbu, sweet corn, carrot, tofu, cabbage, shiitake mushroom, beancurd skin and fresh veggies.

Tasted great with “Super umami” organic vegan soup with ingredients of Kumbu, sweet corn, carrot, tofu, cabbage, shiitake mushroom, beancurd skin plus our home grown organic veggies, long bean leaves and Sweet shoot-“Pucuk manis” and Brazilian Spinach.

Yes, we’ve modified the recipe to VEGAN. We learned.

Everything is possible.

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