First step…

“If everybody ate less meat, or preferably no meat,

It wouldn’t only reduce cruelty, but it would also have a huge impact,

positive impact on the environment.”

by Jane Goodall

Yes, we can definitely do this together.

We don’t depend on meat to get nutrients to nourish our body. You read through scientific data that plant based diet can provide all nutrients needed by our body. Don’t use this as your excuse to say no to Plant based.

To satisfy our craving, desire to eat “good food”. We numb ourselves to see the truth, always find “excuses” to escape to face our consciences, to understand the sufferings and pain causing to animal friends.

You know the truth but you are not willing to face it

You know your diet is bringing pain and suffering to animal friends but you just can’t stop your craving, “TO EAT”

You know the cruelty but you ignore it.

Be brave to walk the first step!!!

Kind meal, vegan curry noodles! 😋

You are definitely can start your new diet, the kind meal- for yourself, animal friends and environment.

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