We learn the word of “detachment”, and it seems like so easy to understand.

However, it’s hard to practice.

We love to grasp things. When we are born, we grasp our palm. Its become our nature.

What we need to learn in life, to let go naturally and to realize that “nothing is belong to us.”

We are here for “temporary” and we are unable to bring “anything” with us when we died. We release our palm when we pass away.

Even our most precious body, we are unable to bring along.

If you are holding a cup, you feel nothing for a while. However, if you hold the cup for a long time, you feel the weight, the discomfort and some pain perhaps. How do get rid of this? Put the cup down and remember to release your hand from the holding the cup even you put back on the table.

We are just like a sand dust in universe. Learn to let go I, Me and Mine.

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