Pass the truth…

We spend so much time to look for the truth.

We failed, we lost our way many times in life.

We fallen down numerous times and most important we are able to find our way to stand up.

All this are precious experience that we need to share with others to avoid them to repeat our steps.

“Pass the truth to the next generation… Teach them early what we learn late.”

I learn late about the truth “Why we need to become a vegan?”

I vow to use the rest of my life to keep sharing, live as “living proof” and be the voice to the voiceless.

If you can’t be a vegan immediately, you can do it gradually.

You can try to use the method of “adding” more plant based food in your daily meal.

Besides, imagine you are the animals in the slaughter house and waiting for the time to be killed.

The fear, stress, tension, anger, the pain and others.

Organic Vegan yong tofu… so yummy!!

You don’t want this and don’t let this suffering happen to our animal friends.

You can definitely make this possible and make a difference.

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