Love animal friends, unconditionally…

Are you spending your quality time with your animal friends at home?

Are you treating your dog as “security guard”? Your cat as “rat/ insects” hunter?

Are you using them as a “Tool” or a “Thing”?

Do you treat them like family members? Do you love them unconditionally?

Hitam boy❤️

Every evening, Hitam boy will wait at gate front to accompany us for a walk (Jalan-jalan) before sleep. He is happily to walk together or sometimes he’ll wait patiently to enjoy evening breeze and peacefulness. Initially, we might think that we are accompany him. Think deeply, In fact he is accompany us and become a little Motivator to encourage us to keep walking, to stay healthy and practice mindfulness. He is shining loving kindness and we are celebrating “Happy and quiet time” together.

Always remember that we are not more SUPERIOR than animal friends. We are equally enjoy this beautiful earth together. No barrier even using different language, they can sense our vibration easily. Be kind always! Treat all animal friends like you and me. Use our voice be their voice!!!

Animal friends are not belong to us. Don’t exploit, abuse, torture and kill them directly or indirectly.

You don’t have the RIGHT!!!

Be silent, listen deeply to your heart, you are going to understand “We are ONE.”

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