Good nutrients to mind…

Did you know that you can use fruits skin as one of best “fertilizer” to our plant?

Compost juice… good nutrients to our plants.

It’s so simple. You just need to get ready a container, fruits skin (e.g. banana, oranges, dragon fruits, lemon, lime or etc) chopped to small pieces (1 portion) and fill up with water (4 portion). Make sure you leave empty space (abt 1/4 of the container) You can use the “juice water” after a week or more for your plant, you can also dilute with water. You can buried the left over fruit skin and let them transform to “compost”. Natural “nutrient” for our plants.

What have you learned? How can you relate this to your life?

We can transform our past “failures” to be “nutrients”. Keep learning. Enjoy the journey and never stop by “Failures”.

“Failures are good nutrient for our success.”

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