The wisdom of bees…

Have you ever see how bees collect nectar from flowers?

Little teacher… please learn from bee friend

They handle gently and skillfully, they never damage the flower after collected nectar. The flowers are still blossom beautifully, before and after, exactly the same.

Think about us.

What types of damages are we bringing in the name of getting “food”?

In order to satisfy our desires to eat “MEAT”, we raised “Livestock”, treat them like “THING”, not respect as “Life”. Our eating habit is causing lot of environmental issues, deforestation, air and water pollution, endanger wildlife, lost of habitat and etc.

Besides, we are using so much “pesticides and harmful chemical substances” in agriculture, causing the soil is gradually “dead”, pollution to air and water, moreover, poisoning to many animal friends and jeopardize our health.

Before you take your daily meal, please reflect:

“Where is my food from?” “Am I contributing to “Cruelty” and “suffering”? “Am I causing “slaughtering” & “pain”? “Am I contributing to environment pollution?” “Am I kind to all beings?” “Am I contributing to “sustainable”?

Be honest! Don’t start to give “EXCUSES” to pacify yourself.

It’s time to learn from a tiny bee- full of wisdom, to love and protect the Only “Earth” – our home for all living beings.”

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