Don’t harm and don’t stop others to offer help…

Animal friends will run away if you’ve any intention to harm them.

All living beings deserved love and respect. It’s beyond language, they can sense our energy and vibes easily.

If you can’t love them, the least you can do, DON’T HARM THEM and never stop others to help them.

I can see the reaction of my lovely cats when they see one of our neighbors. Immediately, they’ll run home or hide underneath the car. My neighbor is cat hater and always love to complain over little things. Another great example, one of my relative was a butcher. When he came to our house, before he even step in, my cat ran away from home like someone was going to kill him. He can feel it-“Harm”.

Don’t underestimate the capability of our animal friends.

If you can’t help them, the least you can do, don’t harm them and don’t stop or hinder others to offer help.

Be Kind always! And keep shining loving kindness.

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