Your attitude..

Two things define you.

Your patience when you have nothing,

and your attitude when you have everything.”

When you are poor, facing so much challenges to earn a living and to support your family, are you giving up easily?

Are you trying your best to look for best solutions or “think out of box” to relieve your suffering?

Are you blaming your luck? Are you blaming the environment? Are you pointing fingers to others?

I read so many inspired story recently. People are losing job due to Covid-19. Instead of waiting, blaming and feel sorry for themselves, they are taking courage to transform their life. e.g. Travel agency to sell overseas premium fruits or authentic food from oversea, pilot to operate cafe, airbnb owner transform to be a gardener to sell plants, tuition teacher to sell products through live and etc. Life is full of possibilities, never give up.

If you are wealthy and rich, the more humble you should be. Do your best to offer help to needy, never look down and discriminate anyone. It’s so blessed to give instead of to receive. I also read inspired story o how people are offing help, donating medical aids to front liners, laptop to poor family for online classes, food to shelter home, helping stray animals and etc.

Your positive attitude is crucial to determine your life.

Our attitude is most important to determine our life. The choice is on your hand.

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