Nothing will drop from the sky…

A lot of people are looking to earn “Fast money”, hopefully to work less and earn more. To work in less working hours and get full pay. It’s not easy to get such a dream job.

Be practical. This is what I learned through organic gardening.

Beautiful flowers from organic garden. Hardwork counts.

There is no shortcut and hard work counts. From the moment of sow a tiny seed till the plant blossom with flowers and reap harvest, we need to pay attention to take care of plant’s needs. Watering daily, feeding the plant with needed organic nutrients- fermented “juice” drink, “coffee” drink, compost and etc. Besides, if there is any insect attack, we need to put natural insect repellent. Taking care of all steps still can’t guarantee a good harvest. It’s depend on nature, whether too heavy rain, strong wind, drought and others external conditions will affect the plant.

Work hard is going to build the key foundation for success. Nothing will drop from the sky!

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