Kind action…

Hitam boy, Our lovely cat, he loves to carry slippers or shoes home from neighbor’s house. His action is causing “inconvenience” to others. We need to search for the “Shoes/ slippers” owners, apologize and also presenting small gift for “Hitam’s action. One of our neighbor shared with us that, “His son needed to wear his father’s shoes to work.”

Hitam boy, our little teacher, love him dearly. ❤️❤️❤️

We are grateful that most of our neighbors are so understanding about the “uniqueness” of Hitam boy. Well! In order to find out an answer and hopefully he can stop doing this. We’ve consulted the animal communicator. It was our first attempt to try. According to animal communicator, Hitam boy would like to pay back our kindness for rescued his life, took great care when he was infected with fungal and almost died. He brought home shoes or slippers as one of the way to contribute to our family. He learned “recycling” concept from us, like paper and plastic segregation. As such, he thought shoes or slippers can be used as “Recycled items” and help to save environment. He would like to do good deeds too. What a sweet boy with such a kind action!!!

Yes, we’ve communicated with him, no gift and no pay back is needed. We are shining unconditional loves to all beings.

The good lesson learned, “Animals can understand our language (Vibes), feel love and they are No difference from us. They are so smart and learn to “copy” our kind action, they want to shine loving kindness too.” Hope you are inspired by our little Hitam boy! Do shine unconditional love, No harming and bring happiness to all our animal friends.

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