be kind, always…

“Not everyone is in the position to help animals, but everyone is in the position not to harm them.”

Yesterday, a small rat accidentally went to our house. We have a total of 5 cats, 4 indoors and 1 outdoor. His situation was in danger and he can sense the danger too. He hide in the morning and when everybody settled down at night, he looked for exit. Of course, our cats were so alert and discovered him. We stopped them from killing and release the small rat. To us, all animals deserved a chance to live, their life is equally precious like ours.

I heard a true story, someone trapped many rats at home and threw all rats in a lake to drown till dead. Why can’t we give them a chance to live? Why not just release them to nature?

As a adult, if we are not showing a good example to children. They are going to learn and pick it up quickly and easily. Apparently, her young grandson aged about 4-5 years old, used a stick to hit a dog. No loving kindness to animals. How sad!!!

Be kind always

Be kind, always!

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