marigold flowers…

Marigold flowers is one of the most well known insect repellent plants, the scent can keep mosquitoes, nematodes like cabbage worms and other pests away. moreover, it can attract beneficial insects that attack aphids like ladybugs.

Marigold plant, growing well!

I bought a few packets marigold seeds online. Sow the seeds and failed for many times. None of the seeds are sprouted. I am not giving up, keep trying and finally, a few plants are growing well now.

Gardening is really great to practice mindfulness and also make us to understand a lot of good lessons in life. We are sowing seeds but we can’t guarantee all seeds are sprouted. It’s explain clearly on cause and effect is depending on “Conditions”. The seed will sprout once condition is right.

Be patient, be persistent and never give up. It reminded us to keep practicing daily even though we can’t see any short term result. No matter how short is our practicing time, never stop and keep doing it. Let your practice be built in your DNA.

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