Why RED color?

Sometimes, we might heard people are complaining “traditions” are so boring, old fashioned and out of date. Simple example, People might commented “Why should we use Red color for Chinese New Year?” “It’s old fashion.” “Very traditional”

Before we open our mouth, please study about the history and understand the meaning behind. Why our ancestors left behind such tradition?

Red is the Good Luck color to Chinese, believed to scare away spirits of bad fortune. Moreover, It symbolizes a new start and fresh HOPES to the New Year.

We are facing Covid-19 pandemic more than 1 year. Living and adapting our life in new normal. Lots of people are suffering, we can the increasing of mental health cases (Depression, lost of hopes, fear, sad, stress, tension and etc), home abusing cases (violent), financial problem (lost of job, income, family members), social problem and others.

Shinning Cny vibes to Neighbourhood… bring hopes and big smiles!

Let’s give HOPES to others even though we can’t celebrate CNY like what we did in the past. We can still do CNY posting, CNY home deco, wearing “Super RED” in CNY…Little effort to bring festive feel to others, bring a moment of happiness and a big “Smile”in others. The least we can do!!!

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