Hello 2021!

We’ve spent majority of our time at home in 2020 due to Covid 19 pandemic. We adopted to new normal, Work from home (#WFH), Food delivery, Online order, no travelling, wearing mask, social distancing, sanitizing, wash hand and others. We are experiencing “impermanent of life”. We understood that a lot of things are “beyond our control” and full of changes.

What can you do? To accept it with open heart. The soonest you accept it, the faster you drop your burden and free yourself from suffering.

Imagine, the more you reject it, the more you are comparing to the “past lifestyle”, you are bringing suffering to your life, always living in the past, what can you gain? No peaceful life, stress, tension, worry, restless, anger, fear and other negative emotion.

Only you can help yourself, let go the past, and be ready to accept “uncertainty” and “beyond control” in future. Free yourself, let go all “Heavy” burden and live freely.


Wishing you happiness always, live at peace and enjoy “freedom” in 2021.

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