Balance our role…

We are adopting new normal due to Covid 19 Pandemic. Work From home #WFH is current trend.

Some of my friends are sharing with me that “As a career lady, work from home is a big challenge as their young children are keep “disturbing” during their online meeting and also working hour. Some of the children love to shout and cry during their important online meeting.”

We can imagine how happy are young children as their mummy is stay at home.Of course, they want to get their mummy’s full attention. How to balance our role? As an employee and a mother.

Young kid is like a piece of white paper, let’s explain and educate them.

Sis and I are also work from home for the past two months. Our cats are so happy that we are at home. One of our cat, Wang Wang boy, he loved to “involve” in our online meeting. He’ll come and start his loud and unique “meow” in order to get our attention.

Wang Wang is such a good boy, accompany us #wfh, not making noise and disturbing. Education works!

My sister has spent so much time to “educate” and “talk”to him. To our surprise, Wang Wang is transforming, he’ll sit quietly while observing our online meeting. A little cat is making changes.

So, Please be patience, talk and share reasoning with your children.

Don’t scold them!!! Children are so smart and they are going to transform.

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