When the soil is so hard, it’s hard for water to penetrate and we can’t grow healthy plant.

Loosen black soil, easy to absorb water. Loosen your body allow Dharma water to flow in.

Before we start to plant anything, we need to take care off soil, loosen tight clay, helps sand to hold more water, allow air to enter soil and others.

It’s apply the same in our life. We need to relax ourselves before we start any spiritual practice, even any project or making any decisions…. Imagine, if our body is so stiff and tight, just like the “hard soil”, our mind will be stretch and tense, it’s hard to adsorb any “Dharma water”, new knowledge and challenging to think of new ideas, solutions and others.

Always remember to relax your body, let go all your stress, tension and burden. I am practicing body relaxing daily, it’s so simple, you just need to lay on floor, relax from toe until the whole body. You can feel your body is loosen the tense and so relaxing like cotton and your mind is so FREE too.

Keep practicing!

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