Quiet time with nature…

I love spending time in organic gardening. It’s the best moment to live at “now”, to get in touch with “nature” and all living beings.

We can practice “mindfulness” in gardening. Quiet time for yourself and be 100% in whatever you are doing. Turn off non-stop radio, be here and now. Good way to relax your mind and body. Moreover, it’s a good exercise. So much sweat, allowing all toxins out from body. You feel “rejuvenate” after a good session of gardening.

It’s so relaxing to our mind to be indulge in green and seeing “life”. We need this “calming” moment in view of current Covid-19 pandemic. Back to basic, live simple and live harmony with nature.

Love gardening

Perhaps, you can realize the connection with nature and the food that you are eating. It’s a gift from nature, the soil, the sun, wind, water and others. It’s great to transform to plant-based diet. You don’t need to eat “other’s life” to live.

Let’s contemplate.

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