Beautiful lessons from gardening…

Even though, we sow 10 seeds but we might not able to get 10 seeds sprouting. If we happened to get 8 sprouting plants, it’s consider good. Perhaps, only lesser plant can make it before we transfer it to big pot or garden.


Great lessons learned. Be patient, nothing you can control and you can speed up the growing of plant. Do your best of watering, give compost and others.

Accept uncertainty with open heart. You can put in lot of effort to take care of your garden and you might not able to get good yield. Lot of uncertainties like raining heavily, sunny day (drought), heavy wind and others.

Accept failure and moving forward. You are learning throughout the process of gardening. You are mastering your skills after many round of failure before you discover the “winning” strategy in gardening.

All beautiful lessons can apply in our daily life.

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