Live harmony…

We planted flowers and fruits not only for our consumption but sharing with all living beings in garden.

Hello… bird… ❤️

Do you love gardening?

This morning, we spent some happy and quiet time to watch a tiny bird to collect nectar from blue pea flowers. The bird is singing happy tune and flying here and there to get her food. We are grateful that we can live harmony with all living beings.

So many squirrels live in our garden, one of their favorite fruits- mulberries. They are jumping an running here and there without worry about us. We believed that they can sense we are harmless to them. Truly happy to get in touch with our tiny friends.

Always remember that before building our house, all this living beings are around. We are actually taking their habitat and make them homeless. Please don’t harm them, start gardening and offer them food.

2 responses to “Live harmony…

  1. We once had a bird feeder that attracted birds and squirrels too. The neighbor said I should rig it so the squirrels can’t eat the food. I said, “Why? I like the squirrels just as much as the birds.”

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