Super sweet organic mangoes…

At my neighbor’s garden, there is a very tall and big mango tree. This tree was planted by my neighbor’s mum. This year, there re many beautiful, big and pinkish mangoes on the tree.

However, it’s really challenging to pluck mangoes as too high. Thanks to our neighbor, he was using a long stick and plucked some mangoes. He shared 2 mangoes with us. Based on the past experience, there are worms in mangoes. We are a bit doubtful on it’s quality.

So beautiful!!!

My mum was using traditional way, wrap the unripe mangoes in dark area. Today, we are enjoying fragrance, sweet and fresh home grown organic mangoes. So blessed!!

Lesson learned, Don’t doubt based on our past experience. Everything is changing. Be gratitude to people who sow seed and planted the fruit tree. We are enjoying good fruits.

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